1. 8

    Erick Sachez

    Im now ready to go!!

  2. 7

    Nana Hantu

    Thanks for pokemon guide

  3. 6

    Mohit Shukla

    Fantastic for new gamers

  4. 5

    Mukul Sharma

    Good guide for Pokemon fans

  5. 4

    Zaysh King

    thanks please make a reroll guide too

  6. 3

    Avinash Gupta

    good guide for pokemon masters

  7. 2

    Abdullah Şekercan

    i just started playing pokemon monsters and thanks for this guide, i hope i can see supercourse guide in your future updates 🙂

  8. 1

    Diego Dussan

    Nice guide for beginners in pokemon masters! definitely, this tips helps me a lot

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