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    I love this game but for some reason, it just won’t connect to adventure sync any more I have downloaded the google fit app and that’s working really well but it just won’t sync anymore. Help me please I have tried looking everywhere online and followed so many instructions on how to get it working but it just keeps spinning. Any advice is gratefully appreciated!!!

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    Girish Punjabi

    I really appreciate all of the great in formation you offer.

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      very good info. I am a new pokemon go player and it will help me a lot. thanks, buddy

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    I have been following you for almost a year and the stuff you provide is awesome it truly works.

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    this is really helpful for new pogo players like me so thanks brother

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    RM de Guzman

    Thanks for this amazing information. I learned a lot.

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    Yvan Anthony

    Excelente gracias!

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    Ryu Nogami

    wow. 🙂 Thanks for investing time in making this

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    battling in pokemon go is a weak point for me for a long time but this guide really covers everything.

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    Prince Panithan

    Awesome guide 🙂 I was doing some searches to see if a guide like this exists. Thanks for making the chart for us

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    Tanweer Ali

    Thanks SO much for these charts! I’ve been doing raids for a while and was looking everywhere for some guidance.

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    aarti khanna

    Thanks for the great tips. Will definitely Implement those. Really your guide consists of much informative stuff!!! keep up the great work

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    Tanish Jagadesh

    been looking for the updated charts in pokemon go types…! thank god you made it

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    Puro Hueso

    thanks for sharing these important tips with us

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    Jacob Bourgoine

    This was an extremely wonderful guide for pokemon go. Many thanks for providing this information.

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    Hary Kotomine

    It was great. Thank you.

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    Victoria Rodriguez

    thank u this is awesome

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    Toni Aumasalo

    Thank you so much for making this AWESOME pokemon go guides. Super useful tips, please Keep Sharing More!

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